• Cristiano Ronaldo in investing in Manchester
  • He is having a new hotel built
  • The works have hit a snag in development

If it's branded with Cristiano's name it has to be excellent. But unfortunately, the Grade II-listed building, once poised to become a beacon of luxury, now stands derelict and forgotten, with work at a standstill. The CR7 brand, synonymous with success and style, seems to have taken a hit.

It's just a little bump on the road....right?

Despite the initial green light in December 2020 for an exclusive 151-room hotel, the site remains a shadow of its potential, with exposed ceilings and flaking paint telling a tale of neglect. The project, set to employ over 900 people and inject £56 million into the local economy, is now on ice, with planning permission expired and no construction in sight.

But this kind of venture can be tricky for such a high-profile sports star, as spearheading this investment could mean getting involved in potential labor disputes and things of that sort. Besides, CR7's exit from his once beloved club Manchester United put fans in the city at odds with the football star.

Many have seen that Ronaldo's exit was on the right track and would do anything to see him back in the city, even if it means as a hotel owner and not playing for their favorite team!

Council photos from the planning application show exposed ceilings and paint peeling off the walls. The three-year planning permission expired earlier this month on December 16 - but no work has been attempted on the property. This is all soon to change, of course.

Blame has been volleyed across the field. Issues surrounding funding, unforeseen economic challenges, and a need for more progress have dimmed the prospects of this grand venture. Ronaldo's association, once a beacon of promise, has faltered amidst controversies and his polarizing departure from his former club, Manchester United.

A future uncertain

After a tumultuous exit from the club and a controversial interview that left fans divided, Ronaldo's stock with the faithful has been on a rollercoaster ride. The hotel hiccup adds another layer of drama to the Portuguese icon's narrative, as the Pestana hotel group, Ronaldo's CR7 hotels partner, admits to permitting issues putting the project on hold.

The Manchester site, once ripe with promise, now faces an uncertain future. With the council expressing frustration over the lack of progress and investors scrambling for funding, Ronaldo's dream of a futuristic hotel in the trendy Northern Quarter hangs in the balance.

The council has even stepped in to ban billboards, fearing they might hinder development and tarnish the area's image.

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Despite setbacks in Manchester, Ronaldo's CR7 brand boasts successful ventures in New York, Madeira, Lisbon, and Madrid. But the question on everyone's lips is: Will Manchester join this elite list, or will the derelict building remain a monument to what could have been?

These days, Ronaldo is too busy breaking all the goal-scoring records in Saudi Arabia but he is still keeping a close eye on his investments elsewhere, and has a very headstrong business team surrounding him.

While Manchester waits with bated breath, the world watches to see if Ronaldo can turn this setback into a comeback. The Sun has reached out to Ronaldo's reps for comment, but for now, the city's Northern Quarter awaits its next chapter.