• Nathan Fillion is known from Firefly and Castle
  • Did you know he lost hearing in one ear?
  • Learn how he became partly deaf in our video

Actor Nathan Fillion has enjoyed a successful career as a film and television star dating back to the early 1990s. You probably know him best as "Richard Castle" on TV's Castle or as Captain "Mal Reynolds" on Firefly.

Did You Know? Nathan Fillion Is Deaf In One Ear

The 52-year-old Nathan Fillion has accomplished an impressive career, all after an unlucky injury he suffered as a child. The incident, which he opened up about in 2012, permanently left his without hearing in his left ear.

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This Is How Nathan Fillion Lost All Hearing

Watch the video above for Nathan Fillion's story and how he made it big in Hollywood. You can also see what Fillion is up to today here.