Did you know that actor Paul Rudd, best known as "David" on The 40-Year-Old Virginowns a candy shop in Rhinebeck, New York? The village is considered to be one of the best places to live in New York, and now we see why! The fact that "Ant-Man" runs this small cozy business makes it particularly appealing. Let's find out a little bit more about Samuel's Sweet Shop!

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Paul Rudd's candy shop celebrated its 25th anniversary this year

The 50-year-old Clueless star is the co-owner of Samuel's Sweet Shop, which originally opened in 1994. A couple years ago he teamed up with Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan to save the shop after its original owner, Ira Gutner, passed away unexpectedly. This year the shop celebrated its 25th anniversary, and fans always hope to see Paul Rudd behind the counter! According to its website, the shop's main commitment is providing the very best chocolate and candy, as well as coffee, tea, sandwiches and more delicious treats! 

Paul Rudd also has a secret pub in Rhinebeck

During an interview with New York magazine, Paul Rudd revealed that he's the owner of an Irish pub called Sullivan's, a project originally conceived by his late father Michael, also located in Rhinebeck. Unfortunately it is not open to the public because it was constructed in Paul Rudd's basement and it has a exclusive guest list. The actor is originally from Passaic, New Jersey, but after years of being a resident of Rhinebeck, he calls the small town home!

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