• "Spence" was a fan-favorite on The King of Queens
  • He was played by actor Patton Oswalt
  • This is what the star is doing today

One of the standout characters on the hit series The King of Queens is "Spence Olchin". Although he may not have received the same amount of screen-time as "Doug", the clumsy and nerdy friend was still a fan-favorite. "Spence" lived with his mother until adulthood and sadly didn't find any happiness with women either.

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Patton Oswalt Is Now A Writer

The character was played by Patton Oswalt, who stands out both in the series and in real life because of his stature. Thanks to his comedic talent, he still did well for himself after The King of Queens ended. He was able to land numerous roles in films and series, and secure a writing job on the show MADtv. 

What Happened To 'The King of Queens' - "Spence"

If you wanna learn more about "Spence", check out the video above! You won't regret it!