Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is better known for his impressive skills in the kitchen and for giving the ultimate cooking tips. We are very used to seeing him prepare amazing dishes, and Christmas dinner is not the exception. But have you ever wondered what exactly he actually eats on that day? Let's find out! 

Gordon Ramsay cooks at his Gordon Ramsay BurGR booth, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2014

This is what Gordon Ramsay usually eats on Christmas

According to RadioTimes, the Hell's Kitchen star revealed that first of all, he and his family opt for a late brunch on Christmas Eve because they eat only twice during that day. Due to the pressure of getting everything ready on time, the celebrity chef and his family usually have scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and later on, at around 4:30 pm, they have a filet Beef Wellington. On Christmas Day the family of seven likes to have turkey!

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Does Gordon Ramsay cook on Christmas?

The 55-year old chef, restaurateur, and food critic usually cooks Christmas dinner. However, he has admitted he has taught his children how to cook brunch, lunch, and a great dinner because he doesn't want them to feed him through a tube when he's 70 or 80 years old, "I want it done now," he joked. 

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