When Tom Hiddleston (40) was young, he did not initially seek an acting career. The Hollywood star originally studied literature at Cambridge University. Only then did he start training as an actor...  

He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Shortly thereafter, in 2007, he was able to land his first major role in Unrelated. He was also involved in some plays, for which he received only positive reviews and even won awards.  

The actor wore his hair blonde and curly back then, as old pictures show. 

Tom Hiddleston in the movie "Unrelated" (2007)

Tom Hiddleston's young beginnings in the theatre

As a young theatre actor, Tom Hiddleston received awards for his appearances in the Shakespeare plays Cymbeline and Othello

The happy grin of the visibly proud actor didn't quite suggest that he would star as a villain just a few years later.  

Tom Hiddleston at a 2009 awards ceremony 

In 2011 he can be seen in Thor for the first time as "Loki" which finally sealed his successful career. In addition to stars like Chris Hemsworth (37), Natalie Portman (39), and Anthony Hopkins (83), the actor roams the red carpets of the world.  

Tom Hiddleston's young career continues to be successful

Tom Hiddleston is young at 30 years old while his popular Marvel superhero takes off. The 40-year-old now had less beard back then, but otherwise, he has hardly changed.  

The two "Thor" actors Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth

The role of the Marvel actor brings Tom Hiddleston success still to this day. The villain has now even received his own series on the Disney+ streaming platform that revolves solely around "Loki". 

Who would have thought that young Tom Hiddleston, who looked like a young boy, would one day become one of the most popular fantasy villains in the world?

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