• Paris Hilton testified for the US Congress
  • She spoke on her experience with abuse
  • THIS was her shocking testimony

Detailing abuse and calling for legislative reform, Hilton's advocacy highlights the urgent need for oversight and protection in the so-called "troubled teen industry." In an emotional appeal to the House Committee on Ways and Means, Paris Hilton has once again captured the nation's attention, not for her celebrity status but for her courageous fight against child abuse in residential facilities.

A Cry for Change: Paris Hilton's Battle

The heiress recounted her harrowing experiences, including being sexually abused, force-fed medication, and subjected to solitary confinement during her teenage years.

At just 16, Paris was taken from her home to the first of four facilities meant to curb her teenage rebellion. Instead, she found herself in a nightmare. "I was in so much pain that I created this Barbie doll fantasy life," Hilton disclosed, revealing the coping mechanisms she adopted to survive the ordeal.

Amidst her testimony, Hilton advocated for the reauthorization of Title IV-B of the Social Security Act and the passage of the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act. Her efforts aim to establish federal oversight to ensure the safety and well-being of children in residential programs, which, according to Hilton, prioritize profit over care.

Hilton has previously revealed that her parents sent her to these facilities after she started clubbing and partying at 15.

"These programs promised healing, growth and support, but instead, did not allow me to speak, move freely or even look out a window for two years," Hilton told the panel.

"I was force-fed medications and sexually abused by the staff. I was violently restrained and dragged down hallways, stripped naked and thrown into solitary confinement."

"I was in so much pain that I created this Barbie doll fantasy life," Hilton said. "It was a character I put on as a mask to protect myself."

Hilton identified Utah’s Provo Canyon School as one of the sites of her abuse. The institution, which has faced numerous allegations and legal challenges, represents the broader issues plaguing the troubled teen industry. Hilton's advocacy has brought renewed scrutiny to such facilities and their practices.

The law responds

Lawmakers and the public alike have praised Hilton for her bravery and commitment to change. Representatives Mike Thompson and Mike Kelly expressed their admiration and support for Hilton's cause, highlighting the impact of her story on raising awareness and prompting legislative action.

"That means that they’re trying to spend as little money as possible, and the type of employees they’re hiring are people not being checked, people that should be nowhere near children," Hilton testified.

Lawmakers praised Hilton’s testimony throughout the hearing.

"Ms Hilton, I want to thank you for your compelling and corageous testimony today, and the work you’ve been doing not only to highlight the problems you’ve faced, but the problems that many others face on a day-to-day-basis," Representative Mike Thompson said.

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With her testimony, Paris Hilton has not only shared her personal story but has also shone a light on the plight of countless other children suffering in silence.

Her relentless advocacy and determination to be the voice for the voiceless continue to inspire and drive change in the fight against institutional child abuse.