• Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are child stars 
  • They are best known for their work in Full House
  • The Olsen twins have become a brand on their own

Full House was not the only success Mary-Kate and Ashley celebrated together. On June 13, 1986, David and Jarnette Olsen were gifted with twin daughters. They named the two girls Mary-Kate and Ashley. When her daughters were nine months old, Jarnette Olsen attended an audition with them for the television series Full House. From 1987 on, they were the stars of the series.

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Other movies like It Takes Two, also became a real box office hit and the Olsen twins developed into real movie stars outside of the series as well. After the end of Full House in 1995, they remained loyal to show business, making films such as When in Rome and New York Minute during their youth.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are also among the wealthiest former child stars around. Watch the video above to learn more!