A couple days ago Joseph Maldonado-Passage aka "Joe Exotic" revealed he would like David Spade or Brad Pitt to play him in a potential movie about his life. Now David Spade, or as the Tiger King star refers to him, "Joe Dirt," has shared his opinion about it.

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During a virtual appearance on The Ellen Show, Spade said: "I read this, I don’t know, it depends. There’s a show then it’s getting time off and all that. I thought it’s a funny idea, it’s more fun just to think who the casting would be just for something to do."

Watch David Spade's interview with Ellen DeGeneres here:

David Spade interviewed some Tiger King stars

Ellen DeGeneres and David Spade also talked about Kate McKinnon playing Carole Baskin. He pointed out that Kate "is obviously great at everything and she does drama and this movie would probably have to be a bit more dramatic to, to get all the real stuff going on."

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David Spade, also known for the 2018 film Father of the Year, recently interviewed some of the Tiger King stars. During his appearance on The Ellen Show, he joked: "As a character study it’s fun to watch, do I want to have them as roommates? No probably not."