• TikTok star Enkyboys has passed away
  • The influencer suffered from cancer
  • He leaves behind a six-year-old son

Shocking news! TikTok star Enkyboys has officially lost his battle with cancer at 35 years of age. Randy Gonzalez, as was his real name, passed away on Wednesday evening in a hospice, according to TMZ.

Randy had made his illness public

He was a fighter through and through, and fans will be absolutely gutted by the news! The TikTok star had made it public back in April 2022 that he had colon cancer. Since then he has primarily used his channels to document his fight against the disease. 

Also interesting:

Gonzalez had been uploading videos to TikTok alongside his six-year-old son Brice. The father and son duo had become one of the most popular on the platform and creators and fans alike are shocked online, including talk show host George Lopez (61), who had some kind words to share on Instagram...

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