Jon Gosselin, now 42 years old, removed himself from the spotlight compared to his ex-wife Kate. After their divorce in 2009, Jon appeared in a couple more shows like VH1's Couples Therapy, where he tried to work out a relationship with a former girlfriend. He's also made multiple red carpet appearances for other reality love-based series.

More Jobs for Jon

Currently, Jon works as a DJ in Pennsylvania where he has 12-15 gigs per month. On top of that, he's worked as a waiter and prep-chef in various restaurants, such as T.G.I. Fridays. He's definitely a humble hustler!

His Instagram bio remains to be the most accurate words about him: "Father, brother, son, boyfriend, DJ". He currently is dating registered nurse, Colleen Conrad since 2014. The couple share two of Jon's children - Colin and Hannah - as well as Colleen's two children. They all seem happy together in their blended family!

Although he remains estranged from six of his other children, he's expressed how happy he is that Hannah and Colin remain in touch with their other siblings. Most recently, Jon showed off his two kids starting their first day of high school! How they grow up so fast!

Who knows, maybe there will be another spin-off for Jon and his family! For now, we appreciate his subtle but content lifestyle.