• Tom Brady was roasted on Netflix
  • Only one topic was off limits completely
  • THIS is how producers ensured a good time

As so many superstars eventually do, Tom Brady, the NFL Legend, found himself in the hot seat during Netflix's 'The Roast of Tom Brady,' where jokes flew faster than his record-setting passes. However, one line was drawn firmly in the sand: his children were a no-go zone.

Kids Off-Limits, Ex-Girlfriends Fair Game!

Comedian Nikki Glaser, one of the sharp-tongued roasters, revealed on 'The Howard Stern Show' that Brady's three kids—Jack, Benjamin, and Vivian—were consciously spared from the comedic crossfire.

"They didn’t ask for that," Glaser pointed out, showing a rare moment of restraint in an otherwise no-holds-barred event. Yet, she couldn't resist a cheeky nod to a controversial peck shared between Brady and his son, Jack, in the 2018 docuseries 'Tom vs. Time.'

But when it came to Brady's past relationship with Bridget Moynahan, the gloves were off. Glaser didn't shy away from poking fun at Brady for his infamous split with Moynahan while she was pregnant with their son, Jack, in 2006.

"It's hard to walk away from something that’s not your pregnant girlfriend," she quipped, drawing gasps and guffaws in equal measure.

The roast wasn't without its tense moments. A joke about Robert Kraft's massage parlor scandal saw Brady sternly warning fellow roaster Jeff Ross, "Don’t say that s–t again," hinting at the roast's occasionally too-close-for-comfort jabs.

Glaser herself admitted to holding back certain jokes, including those touching on the sensitive subject of CTE, showcasing the delicate balance roasters navigated between humor and respect.

Kraft, ever the sport, didn't leave Brady hanging, delivering a zinger about Brady's rumored intentions to buy a piece of the Raiders. "They did your favorite thing for you already — they got rid of Jimmy Garoppolo," Kraft joked, proving that in the end, everyone could take a joke.

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'The Roast of Tom Brady' proved to be an event where laughter reigned supreme, boundaries were respected, and even the toughest of athletes could show a lighter side.

With children off-limits but personal lives fair game, it was a night of comedy that walked the fine line between roasting and respect.