Tom Cruise, 58, has wrapped more than a few Hollywood leading ladies around his finger over the years. In the past, Cruise has had numerous love affairs with A-list stars and musicians. Here's a look back at his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

Tom Cruise's first girlfriend and marriage

Some may forget, but Tom Cruise was in a relationship with singer Cher from 1985 to 1986. Looking back, they are definitely one of the strangest VIP couples ever. However, Cruise's young love ended not long after it began—in contrast to his first marriage, to Mimi Rogers.

Cruise and Rogers were married for four years in the late '80s. The marriage ended when Cruise met Nicole Kidman on a film set and began an affair with her.

Tom Cruise and his first wife Mimi Rogers, his ex since 1990.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: a Hollywood dream couple

Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman for a whopping 11 years—not bad for a Hollywood marriage. They tied the knot in December 1990. During their union, they adopted the two children, Isabella and Connor. However, in August 2001, the actors and frequent co-stars filed for divorce.

Next, Cruise fell in love with Spanish actress Penélope Cruz. The relationship lasted for three years until it broke up in January 2004. The actor is then said to have had affairs with the actresses Nazanin Boniadi and Sofia Vergara, but neither of them tied him down.

The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes era

It wasn't until Cruise met Katie Holmes that he found himself in another serious, longterm relationship. (And who could forget the actor violently confessing his love for Holmes on Oprah Winfrey's couch?)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in 2012

The two were married in 2006, and they have a daughter, Suri Cruise. But the Mission: Impossible star's his third marriage did not go smoothly yet again, and it ended in divorce in 2012.

Tom Cruise: Single days and Vanessa Kirby rumours

Cruise has officially been single since his divorce in 2012. Though, since then, rumours have had him attached to Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon. In addition, while filming of Mission: Impossible 6, there was speculation of Cruise dating his co-star Vanessa Kirby.

So far, however, Cruise has not publicly confirmed any relationships since the Katie Holmes split. He and Kirby are currently filming Mission: Impossible 7, where he also made headlines for a heated tirade about workers not following COVID-19 protocols. 

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