• Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's biggest stars
  • Early on in life Tom wanted to pursue another career
  • He was a Christian, and was interested in devoting his life to faith

Many things have been written about Tom Cruise in the past. From his high-profile relationships, to his blockbuster films, Cruise is certainly an interesting character. But here is something that many fans didn't know about the actor...

Tom Cruise's path may have been chosen for him

Tom Cruise, the current Scientologist used to be a self-confessed Christian. Tom was very much devoted to studying the scriptures and following a path of religious discipline. His faith went so far that Tom Cruise, then Tommy Mapother, wanted to become a priest!

Also interesting:

At least that's what Shane Dempler claims, who says he was Tom's best friend at the time. Dempler told New York Daily News that the two boys attended St. Francis Seminary School together from 1976 to 1977 and this is what he had to say...

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