• Tom Holland is in the spotlight
  • His co-star is a victim of racism
  • Fans want him to fix it

This comes after the announcement of Amewudah-Rivers, a talented Black British actor, taking on the iconic role of "Juliet," which led to an onslaught of online harassment. The theatre community and fans alike are now watching closely, waiting for Holland's response.

What will Tom do?

In the wake of an exciting casting announcement that set the stage for a fresh rendition of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy, 'Romeo and Juliet', the theatre world was rocked by a wave of unwarranted racial abuse targeting Frances Amewudah-Rivers, the newly cast 'Juliet."

Amidst the turmoil, a voice of reason emerged: Arséma Thomas, known for her portrayal of "Lady Agatha Danbury" in 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story', took to social media to echo a powerful message initially shared by HBO actor Selina Jones. The message? A firm call to action for Tom Holland ("Romeo") to publicly denounce the racial attacks on his co-star.

"So bloody true @selinasjones," Thomas shared, amplifying the call for Holland to leverage his platform for good. The outcry for Holland's intervention has not only resonated within the confines of Instagram but has also sparked a broader conversation on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), where fans and observers alike express disbelief and disappointment over Holland's silence.

Jones’s original post read: “You lot need to put pressure pon @tomholland2023’s head top. I need my guy to say something, ANYTHING, about the disgusting racial abuse being thrown at our angel Fran.”

One person wrote: “I hope he talks about it, the abuse she’s receiving is so disgusting and unfair. Idk why people can’t accept that she got that role based on her talent.”

A different X user agreed that it was “weird” he hadn’t “said anything”, while another added:“I loved Tom but for him to be silent about the abuse towards his co-worker is crazy.”

As the controversy unfolds, the spotlight isn't just on Holland's awaited statement but also shines brightly on Frances Amewudah-Rivers, who remains poised to make her West End debut.

Despite the backlash, she stands "grateful" and "excited" to breathe new life into Juliet, alongside Holland's Romeo.

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Their rendition of "Romeo and Juliet", set to captivate audiences from May 11 to August 3 at London's Duke of York Theatre, promises to be a beacon of fresh energy and talent.