• Too Hot To Handle is a popular dating show on Netflix
  • The show just wrapped its fourth season
  • These couples stayed together

Too Hot To Handle keeps delighting fans all around the globe. And the show is already thinking about entering its fifth season. Which begs the question: which season 4 couples are still together? We did some digging and found out which lovebirds are still going strong, and which are no longer together!

These couples got very steamy!

What about Flavia and Creed? These two had a rollercoaster of a journey. The pair ended up in a love triangle that Flavia just couldn't handle. And it's no surprise. It's not easy to share your significant other. They split up, but have managed to remain friends!

Also interesting:

Now, on to the beautiful Brittan and the very muscular James. At first, these two seemed destined for failure. But in time, James grew more and more fond of Brittan until the show ended. But are these two still together?

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