• Travis Kelce took to Vegas again
  • He attended a special charity gala there
  • Travis looked back on some great times

In a whirlwind of glitz, glamour, and generous giving, Travis Kelce took to the Las Vegas scene once again, months after clinching Super Bowl LVIII in the very same city. This time, he wasn't there to play football but to play a pivotal role in a charity gala and golf outing for the '15 and the Mahomies' foundation, led by none other than his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Back to Where the Magic Happened

"Back to the scene of the crime," Kelce quipped on the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, reminiscing about the Super Bowl victory with a laugh. But this Vegas trip was all about giving back.

'It's always fun doing something exciting and getting everybody together for a great cause, man. 15 and the Mahomies, what Pat and Brittany Mahomes do for the community in KC, in their hometown community down there in Texas. It's just awesome to see how much money they can raise and how much support he gets everywhere he goes man because of how great of a guy he is."

"It's always fun when you get somebody like Pat that can reach so many different lives. And he's so relatable and he does things the right way, you know that money is gonna really change some lives."

Travis also said that he won the charity golf tournament, leading to videos of him chugging beer out of a trophy. "I don't lose in Vegas, Jason," Travis told his brother.

When asked about what his handicap is, Travis estimates that it's 'probably a 7 or an 8' and that it gets better each offseason.

After the golf outing was the gala, where Mahomes and Kelce even threw the football around indoors. 

The charity event wasn't short of star power, with Kelce rubbing shoulders with big names like Andrew Whitworth, Joe Haydn, Chandler Parsons, and even celebrities like Rob Riggle and Eric Stonestreet.

"We had a bunch of really cool cats," Kelce remarked, highlighting the camaraderie and fun shared among the guests.

But the buzz doesn't stop there! New footage has surfaced showing Kelce in a tender moment, kissing pop sensation Taylor Swift on the shoulder.

While Kelce played coy about Swift's attendance, he did reveal that the superstar generously donated four tickets to her Eras Tour show for the charity auction.

Kelce's competitive spirit shone brightly, boasting a win at the charity golf tournament and celebrating in true Vegas fashion by chugging beer from the trophy.

The gala was a spectacle in itself, with Mahomes and Kelce showcasing their skills by tossing the football around indoors. Kelce joked about the challenges of throwing in a dress shirt but was quick to highlight Mahomes' trust in his one-handed catch skills.

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At the heart of it all, Kelce's trip to Vegas was more than just fun and games. "It's always fun when you get somebody like Pat that can reach so many different lives... you know that money is gonna really change some lives," Kelce reflected on the impact of the charity event.