The gorgeous April Bowlby played "Kandi" in Two and a Half Men. She was "Alan Harper's" (Jon Cryer) girlfriend, who appeared on the show for a total of 17 episodes, from 2005 to 2015.

This is "Kandi" from Two and a Half Men today!

Before appearing in the sitcom, she played a couple of exciting roles in television series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Stacked, and Freddie. But what is the talented actress up to now? Let's find out...

'Two and a Half Men'


What does "Alan Harper" do for a living?

April Bowlby, who is also known for portraying "Stacy" in Drop Dead Diva, has an amazing on-screen career! After Two and a Half Men concluded, she appeared in other successful television series including Mom, The Big Bang Theory, and Heathers!

Most recently the gorgeous actress, who was born in Vallejo, California, has starred as "Rita Farr" in the television web series Doom Patrol since 2019. In 2020 she also appeared in the superhero television series Legends of Tomorrow!

April Bowlby attends the Family Equality Los Angeles Impact Awards 2019

Quick facts about April Bowlby aka "Kandi" in Two and a Half Men

  • She was born on July 30, 1980
  • April Bowlby was a model before pursuing her acting career
  • Also known for playing "Barney's" (Neil Patrick Harris) obsessive ex-girlfriend "Meg" in How I Met Your Mother
  • She has studied ballet, Marine Biology, and French
  • Some of April's hobbies include reading, bicycling and boxing