• 'Something About Her' just opened
  • It is the brainchild of two 'Vanderpump Rules' stars
  • HERE is the scoop

With over 100 people queuing up, some for hours, the grand opening was a testament to the duo's popularity and the public's eagerness for a taste of their offerings. Amidst drama, anticipation, and a POS system hiccup, the day was a resounding success, proving that Madix and Maloney are more than just reality TV stars—they're now the queens of West Hollywood's culinary scene.

Ariana and Katie are a great team

The hype was real! Days before the official opening, fans were already lining up, dreaming of the gourmet sandwiches teased during the explosive 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion.

Despite a past year shadowed by scandal—affectionately dubbed the Scandoval drama—the community's support never wavered, with merchandise sales topping $200,000 before the first sandwich was even served.

As the sun rose over West Hollywood, the excitement was palpable. But, true to form, drama wasn't far behind with a POS system glitch threatening to dampen spirits. Yet, in true Hollywood fashion, the team rallied, showing that not even a tech hiccup could stop the show—or the sandwiches.

Designed by Jon Hutman, the space offers an oasis of calm, blending fine dining with a cozy atmosphere. From antique chandeliers to a menu that promises nourishment for both body and spirit, 'Something About Her' is more than a sandwich shop—it's a statement of feminine empowerment and creativity.

A few days after the soft opening for friends and family, it was finally time to open the doors to the public. Variety popped in to check it out on the first day it was open.

"It was very, very exciting when we were opening the blinds," Madix told 'Variety'. "The line has been crazy. We’re just really grateful that all these people are not only willing to come and support, they’re also willing to wait. We are a small place, so, that’s been really awesome."

And wait they did. Fans patiently sat in line for up to three hours to claim a coveted seat inside the cheery space. Ciera Carattimi and Lauren Rodriguez drove in from Whittier and San Gabriel and had already been waiting for over an hour to eat. How much longer would they be willing to stay? "Forever!" exclaimed Rodriguez. "I actually called off, I was supposed to be at work."

"We do have beer and wine, we have hard kombucha, we have seltzers, we have hard teas," Madix said. And yes, of course, Loverboy, the cocktail creation from Kyle Cooke of Bravo sister series 'Summer House' was in stock and on display, next to Avaline wine and an array of high-end drinks including Recess, cider and a variety of Olipop sodas.

With fans eagerly purchasing merchandise and devouring the menu, the shop's offerings, from "The Meg" wrap to "The Reese" chicken salad sandwich, have been a hit. Prices range from $14 to $18, proving that quality and taste are paramount.

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The dedication of Madix and Maloney's fans is unwavering. From declarations of eternal love to admiration for their strength and positivity, it's clear that 'Something About Her' is more than a business venture—it's a beacon of empowerment and resilience.