• A member of Donald Trump's family quit Spotify
  • Mary L. Trump has removed her podcast
  • She joins the Joe Rogan and misinformation boycott

You read that right. Of all people, a member of the Trump family is leaving Spotify amid its misinformation controversy.

But it might not be who you'd expect. Musicians and podcasters are boycotting the streamer over its stance on Joe Rogan and COVID-19 misinformation. Joining them now is Donald Trump's niece Mary L. Trump.

Donald Trump's niece joins Spotify misinformation boycott

As the niece of the disgraced ex-president, Mary knows all too well about misinformation. She's been openly critical of her uncle and cousins in recent years.

The 56-year-old has a podcast called The Mary Trump Show, but it's on Spotify no longer. She announced on Twitter: "I'm removing my podcast from Spotify. I know it's not a big deal but hope it will be part of a growing avalanche."

Trump also gave a shoutout to Neil Young, who initiated the Spotify boycott, and to Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren, musicians who have followed Young's lead.

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Mary is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the late elder brother of Donald Trump. She's a psychologist and the author of the Trump family tell-all Too Much and Never Enough.

Both Joe Rogan and Spotify have responded to their ongoing controversy, but it appears many feel too little action has been taken.