Brad Pitt just recently won a Golden Globe for his role in Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood and now has sat down with W Magazine as part of a series of interviews they are doing with celebrities who are seen as having the best movie performances in 2019.

Brad Pitt gets candid in W Magazine interview 

The 56-year-old actor talks about his first kiss and how it was in her garage and he remembers running away after in the fourth grade. Pitt also touched on how he went to two proms in a white tux with tails! He then talks about how dance was his training, "and it never really evolved from there, and then I had a 20-year hiatus where I didn’t dance at all, and now I kind of see dance as my future. So, trying to catch up. I’ll be throwing s**t out of joint and dislocating things, but yeah, I don’t know, I see more dance in my future."

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Brad Pitt was draw to his character "Cliff"  

Brad Pitt also talked about how he was drawn to the role of "Cliff Booth" in Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood when he read the script. "Just where I am in life, I was just really drawn to him. I love what Quentin had written." We just love hearing from the handsome Brad Pitt! 

Brad Pitt talks about how his alcohol addiction was an "escape"

The actor opened up about alcoholism

Brad Pitt: His Alcohol Addiction Was An "Escape"