• Wayne's World started as a skit on Saturday Night Live
  • Mike Myers and Dana Carvey almost didn't finish the film
  • This Monday, the famous comedy turns 30!

The famous and notoriously goofy film Wayne's World is a classic, but we almost didn't get to see "Wayne" and "Garth" on the big screen!

While originally a skit on SNL, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey brought the rockers to the big screen just in time!

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reflect on filming

While speaking to People magazine, Mike Myers reflects fondly on his time on set filming Wayne's World but admits that we almost didn't get to see the famous comedy.

Wayne's World' Turns 30! Mikey Myers And Dana Carvey Reflect On Milestone

"There was no guarantee that that movie was going to get made or released, so 30 years on, I can't believe," Myers said. 

While noting that they only had one summer to film before the boys had to head back to NYC, time restraints and a low budget wouldn't stop the comedy gold!

The director for the film, Penelope Spheeris revealed that their late nights and long set days made for a loopy Myers and Carvey, but that produced some of the best moments. 

"We were shooting them on the hood of the car and the plane was going over. They were so tired, but there was a limo waiting outside the sound stage to take them to the airport," Spheeris said. 

"The limo is honking, and we're shooting. The guys were cracking up so hard they couldn't remember their lines. They were ad-libbing and I just let the camera roll because I didn't have time to stop and reset," she continued. And thus, the famous "Bugs Bunny" line was born!

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The film ended up grossing $183 million dollars worldwide, and the iconic duo made major waves in pop culture.

Myers said that he loves to see the film resonate with so many different viewers. He said, "I love on Halloween seeing 20-somethings and younger dressed as 'Wayne' and 'Garth.'"

Carvey noted that he feels like the film did so well because it "had a charm to it besides the jokes."

"'Wayne and Garth' had less than anybody in the town. They drove a horrible car. They lived with their parents. They had no money, but they're having more fun than anyone in the town," he said. "It's a very light movie, ultimately."

Myers is now a father of three, and boasts about how much he enjoys being a dad, and not as widely in the public's eye anymore. 

"I'm really enjoying my time as a dad. It's a fantastic time in my life and I couldn't be happier," he said.