• Nick Cannon is an American actor and comedian
  • He currently has 12 kids
  • Cannon joked about having baby #13

Appearing on 'The Howard Stern Show' Nick made it known to fans that he wouldn't be opposed to the idea if a certain singer was the mom! When Howard Stern asked him if he would have a baby with Taylor Swift, Nick said: "I'm all in. First of all, she's an amazing songwriter [...]"

Nick and Taylor? Could it ever happen?

"What I do love about Taylor Swift is that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music," Nick said. Nick thinks he and Taylor have had very similar experiences in the dating world, and could maybe match up nicely.

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Nick Cannon's Baby Dies!

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Nick Cannon's Baby Dies!

"I think she would relate to me very well. We probably will understand each other," Nick concluded. Nick went on to joke that his "Spidey senses" tingled when he heard Taylor was single...

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