• Lil Nas X is planning a tour 
  • He has worked with artists like Miley Cyrus, Jack Harlow, and more
  • He made a public plea online to tour with a children's band 

Perhaps you may have heard of The Wiggles? If you haven't, Lil Nas X wants to make sure you will! The strange duo could be a potential in the near future, as Lil Nas X makes a public plea to his Twitter to add the band to his setlist!

Lil Nas X is trying to tour with The Wiggles

If there's one thing the "Call Me By Your Name" singer is, it's... children's music? Maybe not! Regardless of that, Lil Nas X still wants to tour with the music group meant for kids and based out of Australia, The Wiggles. 

The tour, which kicks off on September 06, will be Lil Nas X's first headlining tour, and he posted to Twitter his desire to add the band to the roster. 

"Trying really hard to get the wiggles to co-headline the tour with me. I will keep you guys updated," Nas X tweeted. 

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It would appear that The Wiggles are also down for this! Strangely enough, the "Blue" Wiggle also tweeted a response. 

He said, "The Big Red Car is packed and ready mate! Let’s Wiggle!"

The future for Lil Nas X is still up in the air for his tour, but it doesn't look impossible! Looks like The Wiggles will be added to the list of artists working with the rapper. 

The list includes some major names like Doja Cat, Elton John, Miley Cyrus and Jack Harlow. 

We're oddly excited, let's get this strange duo going!