• Britney Spears recently celebrated her wedding
  • Her husband Sam Asghari now refers to her as "Mrs. Asghari"
  • Has the singer changed her name?

Is Britney Spears (40) no longer called Spears? That's what fans are thinking after a post by her husband Sam Asghari (28) on social media.

Sam Asghari refers to Britney Spears as "Mrs. Asghari"

Sam Asghari posted a photo of himself on Instagram with Britney Spears of their fairytale wedding, which took place just a few days ago. In the caption he writes: "Mr and Mrs. Asghari."

Is that a nod to Britney taking his last name? Even if Britney's legal name is now Britney Asghari, she will probably continue to use her maiden name as her stage name.

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Will Britney Spears change her name?

Britney Spears has not yet changed her name on social media. It remains to be seen if she will confirm a name change.

It's not uncommon for celebrities to take their spouse's last name. For instance, Heidi Klum was called Heidi Samuel and now bears the name Heidi Kaulitz.