The father of Chad Michael Murray in The CW series, One Tree Hill, was portrayed by actor Paul Johansson, or you may know him better as "Dan Scott". Johansson is not only still acting today, but is also doing more work behind the camera...

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One Tree Hill's Paul Johansson today

Johansson played the antagonist for many years in One Tree Hill. He once stated on The CW's YouTube channel: "The most interesting characters you see on most shows, don't you think, are the ones that have a mixture? There's no such thing as pure evil. There's no such thing as pure good." While he was a notorious success on the series, he had also directed a few episodes of the hit show. 

Since OTH, Johansson has continued to star in various series, such as SyFy's Van Helsing, which he also contributed to as a director. Additionally, he's had minor roles in major TV shows, like Mad Men, Bones and Once Upon a Time. However, he still remains close to former co-stars James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz. 

Paul Johansson's Personal Life

In his personal life, he was previously married to actress and production designer Gabriela Oltean. The pair divorced in 2005 and have one child together. Today, Paul isn't afraid to share his love for his partner, Sarah: 

Here are some extra fun facts about Paul Johansson! 

  • Paul has dual citizenship for the U.S and Canada
  • His father was a professional hockey player - Earl "Ching" Johnson
  • He speaks French
  • His son’s name is Quinn
  • He currently resides in Los Angeles with his girlfriend