• We're looking back at hotties before fame
  • From Ryan Gosling to Zac Efron
  • See them in younger years in the video!

Although some people like to forget about their past, it's not that easy for these celebrities who have been living in the spotlight since a young age. The trendy fashion choices and hairstyles may have changed, but these actors have always looked amazing and had girls falling in love.

Today's Hottest Actors – But Going Back A Few Years!

It's always interesting to look back at where actors like Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Ryan Reynolds came from and see what they looked like prior to superstardom.

Hotties Of Today In Their Younger Years

One of the more popular hotties in Hollywood is Ashton Kutcher. He is an absolute ladies' man, yet had quite an innocent look in his younger years. Then there is Patrick Dempsey, well-known as "Dr. Derek Shepherd", who is also a fan favorite. Looking back, "McDreamy" was always blessed with great hair.

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Another actor who is well known for his good looks is Jake Gyllenhaal. He truly developed into one of the biggest Hollywood heartthrobs throughout his career.

Watch the video above to see what these stars looked like in their younger years!