The 30-year-old actress Evanna Lynch played "Luna Lovegood" in the Harry Potter series. "Luna" was a good friend of "Harry" (Daniel Radcliffe) and played an important role in the last four movies. She helped "Hermione" (Emma Watson) and "Ron" (Rupert Grin) defeat "Lord Voldemort" (Ralph Fiennes).

Although Evanna Lynch had no acting experience whatsoever, she was cast for the role of "Luna" in 2006, beating 15,000 artists who were auditioning. During an interview with The Independent, film producer David Heyman said that "others can play 'Luna', but Evanna Lynch is 'Luna'." 

Evanna Lynch at the National Film Awards in London, United Kingdom, 2017

What is the Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch doing today?

Thanks to her appearance in the Harry Potter movies Evanna Lynch quickly became an international superstar. After the last Harry Potter movie was released, the actress continued her acting career and got roles in a series of movies, and also pursued her acting career in theater. In 2017 the Irish actress appeared in the play Disco Pigs at Trafalgar Square in London. 

In 2018, the actress also appeared in Dancing With The Stars and even made it to the finals and ended up in a good third place. In 2019, Evanna was on stage in the play The Omission of the Family Coleman. Apart from her acting career she also promotes a vegan lifestyle on social media with the podcast The Chickpeeps.

Evanna Lynch at the premiere of Netflix's 'Mowgli' in Hollywood, California, 2018

We look forward to seeing more of Evanna Lynch, Harry Potter's "Luna Lovegood" in the future!

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