• Sister Wives is hit reality show by TLC
  • The star of the show is Kody Brown
  • This is what Kody does to make a living

Despite the show's popularity, many fans don't know too much about Kody's personal life. The truth is, Kody is a mysterious character. Here is what the star of the show does for a living these days. When the show came out in 2010, Kody was working as the president of Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories.

Kody Brown is a jack of many trades

Many began to known Kody as a gun enthusiast first and foremost. The company has since closed, and Kody hasn't officially revealed how he makes his money, but his son Paedon Brown revealed on TikTok that Kody does work outside of the show.

Also interesting:

Although Paedon didn’t share what Kody’s specific job is, he did mention his line of work could be thought of as controversial. This led to a lot of speculation. One fan spotted Kody working in a booth at a gun show in April 2022.

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