• Is there a new romance between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton?
  • The two were seen together already
  • HERE is what we know

Has Shakira (46) already found her next great love? The singer made headlines in the past for her split from Gerard Piqué. Their breakup was very publicized and it lead to tons of speculation from the media and from fans alike. But is Shakira now consoling herself with Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton after her separation?

Shakira is still looking for her forever man

If it's true it could be the bombshell news of the summer! 'The Sun' reports that she was spotted on the sidelines during a Hamilton race. 'TMZ' previously reported that Shakira and Lewis were spotted together on a boat in Miami a few weeks ago.

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It is not yet known what the truth about a possible love affair is. And what about her ex, Gerard Pique? What's he up to now?

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