• Actress Olivia Newton-John passed away in 2021
  • The Australian government wants to honor her publicly
  • Here are the details of what we know so far

What a tremendous honor, and what a deserving personality! Olivia Newton-John is certainly someone who should be recognized in such high esteem. Despite being English, several famous Australian landmarks were lit up in pink, in honor of the singer's three-decade battle against breast cancer.

Olivia-Newton John touched many lives around the world

The legendary star of Grease was one of the most beloved celebrities in that country, which is why the authorities approved of holding a state funeral, despite the fact that this type of celebration is reserved for political figures.

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However, since its planning there have been no more news about it, so there is still no official date for it, although the Newton-John family is certainly willing to go ahead with the event.

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