• Bruno Mars is an award-winning musician
  • He has been with his girlfriend Jessica Caban for over a decade
  • Not much is known about the couple publicly

How did these two lovebirds even get together in the first place? The story, as it turns out, is really quite heart-warming. The singer met Caban at a New York hotel-restaurant on the city's southeast, according to author Emily Herbert.

Bruno and Jessica are a match made in heaven

The couple is notorious for being very private despite being together for over a decade. Special event photos aside, they also don't post about each other on social media. However, among these special events, Caban did share a photo remembering the beginning of their romance. 

Also interesting:

Her caption said: "photograph of our first trip together 10+ years ago". Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine in 2016, Mars confirmed that he began dating Caban in 2011, when she was just starting out her modelling career.

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