• Madonna is barely recognizable on Instagram
  • This picture shows her and her friend quite naturally
  • THIS is what the singer really looks like

Madonna (65) likes to show herself on Instagram with filtered photos and has thus often caused confusion among her fans. But a new picture without a filter is surprising. This is what the pop icon really looks like.

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Madonna's Face Without Photoshop

The picture was posted by Madonna's agent Maha Dakhil for the singer's 65th birthday. The two women are happily posing for the camera and can be seen without soft focus. Therefore Madonna's real face can be seen and is not retouched.

The snapshot was probably taken at Madonna's party in Lisbon, Portugal. The pop singer also posts pictures from the party on her own profile, but unlike Maha's post, Madonna has used some filters.

Maha was radiant in a white lace blouse that hung loosely over her shoulder as she posed with Madonna. Madonna wore a short-sleeved black shirt with white tiger stripes and gloves with feather appliqués.

The singer is discreetly made up in the photo, her blonde hair falls over her shoulders. Unlike Madonna's usual photos and videos, which show her with extremely smooth skin, the picture emphasizes her natural complexion.

Maha added a second photo showing her and Madonna on the streets of Lisbon. The singer is now wearing a cream dress with abstract red and black patterns and angular white cat-eye sunglasses with gems on the rim. In any look and even without filters Madonna looks simply stunning!