• Bryan Cranston is best known from Breaking Bad
  • He looks very different today 
  • Fans can't get over his look

Bryan Cranston (66) has been around for quite some time. These days, he is known to most people from the hit series Breaking Bad. His character's signature look included a bald head, a beard, and sometimes large glasses. In real life, the actor preferred a short haircut and mostly didn't wear a beard at all.

This is what Bryan Cranston looks like today

In 2022, Bryan Cranston looked completely differently and was hardly recognizable at first glance. Since the summer of this year, the Breaking Bad star has started growing a long gray beard and looks totally different with it, as you will see in the video.

Also interesting:

His hair is now a little longer and graying - which shouldn't be surprising for the 65-year-old. What a sight to see! One this is for certain: Cranston is again nicely!

Watch the video above to see more!