• Celebrities are often multi-talented
  • Some stars have strange skills
  • Check out the hidden talents in Hollywood

Celebs have impressive and random talents 

Natalie Portman:
This stunning actress has a way with words. She can speak six languages! Natalie can hold conversations in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and German, and is learning Japanese.

The 'Irish Examiner' reports that she surprised and impressed the crew of 'V for Vendetta' with her German skills.

John C Reilly:
This hilarious actor has a hidden passion: roller skating! He skates at least once a week, and according to 'GQ', he uses this hobby as a way to both engage with the public and keep his distance.

One of the reasons I really love roller-skating is because you can be a real social butterfly," he says. "You can be in contact with someone, and if you just decide you don't want to be anymore, you just skate a little faster".

Actors who are also skilled musicians

Christina Hendricks:
This bombshell got to show off her secret talent on one episode of 'Mad Men'. Do you remember what it was? She played the accordion! In a dinner party scene, her character "Joan Holloway" sings a French song and plays the elaborate instrument. 

"It is such a rich instrument for one person. You can get so much out of it, like a one-man band. I also think it's a very romantic instrument, and it channels all the things I love," she tells 'Slash Film'.

Also Interesting: 

Hollywood's Dirty Secrets

The truth comes out

Hollywood's Dirty Secrets

Steve Martin:
The beloved 'Only Murders in the Building' star is also a skilled banjo player. He can seriously strum! According to 'Billboard', Steve owns eight banjos. He has also made two collaborative albums with the band 'Steep Canyon Rangers'.

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