• Robert Downey Jr. won his first Oscar this year
  • Johnny Depp shared a pic on his Insta story 
  • It backfired when fans noticed something

The faux pas was quickly rectified with a genuine snapshot, but not before capturing the attention of fans worldwide. Dive into the details of this light-hearted blunder and the celebration of Downey's remarkable career comeback.

Oscar Night Oops!

Johnny Depp, the swashbuckling heartthrob of "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame, took to Instagram with a celebratory post for Robert Downey Jr.'s Oscar win, but fans were quick to spot something amiss!

The shared photo, which seemed to show the two A-listers side by side, was actually a cleverly edited image from 1988, with Depp photoshopped over Sarah Jessica Parker. Oops!

LOS ANGELES - MAR 10: Robert Downey Jr at the 96th Academy Awards Press Room at the Dolby Theater on March 10, 2024 in L

Not one to let a photoshop fail dampen the festivities, Depp swiftly deleted the erroneous post. He then shared a legitimate throwback of him and the 'Iron Man' star at the 2011 Golden Globes, captioning it with heartfelt congratulations for his dear friend's success.

"Let's try this again..." he quipped, showcasing his good humor and genuine admiration for Downey's achievement.

The night belonged to Robert Downey Jr., whose portrayal of Lewis Strauss in Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer' earned him the best supporting actor Oscar.

This accolade is a crowning moment in Downey's roller-coaster career, which saw him overcoming personal struggles and soaring to superhero fame as "Tony Stark."

His acceptance speech was a touching nod to the many who supported him through thick and thin.

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In true Hollywood fashion, even a simple congratulatory post can become a story of its own. Johnny Depp's minor misstep turned into a delightful anecdote, reminding us that even stars can have their share of social media snafus.

But the real story is the enduring friendship and mutual respect between two of Tinseltown's finest.