• Kate Hudson is now a singer
  • She made her debut on 'The Tonight Show'
  • Her future looks promising

Dressed to kill, Hudson performed "Gonna Find Out" from her much-anticipated debut album 'Glorious', leaving fans and host Jimmy Fallon utterly awestruck. This article dives into Hudson's musical journey, her inspirations, and what fans can expect next from this multi-talented star.

A Star Is Born... Again!

Kate Hudson, known for her compelling acting, has now ventured into the music world, making a spectacular TV debut as a singer on NBC's 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.

The performance was nothing short of glorious, with Hudson donning a stunning white tasseled dress, hitting high notes, and flashing that infectious smile we all adore.

Post-performance, Fallon couldn't contain his excitement, praising Hudson with a series of compliments.

"What are you talking about? That's how you do it. Come on! Come on! Oh, my gosh, that's amazing. Come on! Kate Hudson. That's how you do it," Jimmy gushed after her performance.

"Standing ovation, not too shabby," Jimmy added while hugging Kate. It's clear; Hudson's singing debut was a hit!

During her chat with Fallon, Hudson revealed her debut album "Glorious" is set to drop on May 17. A project two and a half years in the making, Hudson described it as the "greatest feeling". Collaborating with music legends like Linda Perry and her partner, Danny Fujikawa, Hudson penned 26 songs in just two weeks, including the sweeping ballad and title track 'Glorious'.

More Than a Singer

The music coming from a North Hollywood studio might not be familiar – yet – but you've definitely heard that voice. Recently Kate Hudson was fine-tuning her songs, for her new album, "Glorious." It's a role the singer-songwriter was born to play. 

Asked how long she's been writing songs, Hudson replied, "Really poorly, my whole life! I guess I wasn't ready for it until now."

And why is she "ready for it" now? "Because I just don't care anymore about what people think, probably. It was never right, whether it was my own stuff or feeling afraid to mess up my movie career – just never felt right. Until now. I'm just doing it."

But wait, there's more! Hudson also teased her upcoming comedy role in a Mindy Kaling show, where she plays the female president of a major basketball franchise, inspired by Los Angeles Lakers' Jeanie Buss. With new "Jeanie layers" in her hair, Hudson is ready to conquer both the music and comedy worlds.

Hudson's musical journey began with her revealing plans for a debut album during a December 2022 appearance on Fallon's show. Since then, she's released singles like "Talk About Love" and "Live Forever", co-written with Perry and Fujikawa, setting the stage for her album's release.

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With a tour in the works and an upcoming gig at The Bellwether in Los Angeles, Hudson's fans are in for a treat. As she continues to explore her musical talents, one thing is clear: Kate Hudson is just getting started.