• Jeremy Jackson is all grown up now 
  • Not only did he bulk up but he sports a beard regularly 
  • Check out what he looks like now

Do you remember "Hobie Buchannon" from 'Baywatch'? Jeremy Jackson played the son of “Mitch Buchannon”, portrayed by David Hasselhoff, in season two.

What has the actor been up to since 'Baywatch'?

It's undeniable how cute he was back then. Many years have now passed and Jeremy Jackson is now a grown man.

The actor is unrecognizable now, with a complete change in his appearance. On social media, he presents himself with a gray stubble beard and a super hot bod.

We really wouldn't have recognized 'Hobie' like this! The actor seems to be completely absorbed in his passion for fitness.

He repeatedly posts snapshots or clips of himself training. He could have definitely competed with David Hasselhoff during his 'Baywatch' days. The actor has been loyal to his beard for a long time, though he would always keep it dark brown.

The new silver fox look isn't a result of Jeremy's natural graying hair; the Hollywood star had his beard hair specially dyed, as he proudly displays on his Instagram.

He seems extremely comfortable with his new look.

Jeremy Jackson has not only undergone significant visual changes in recent years but has also experienced notable developments in his professional life.

Also interesting: 

Since his start on 'Baywatch', Jackson has also made headlines as a musician. He released two albums and several singles in the 1990s

His music career came to an end before the close of the 1990s. Starting in the late 2000s, he primarily garnered attention for his appearances on various reality television shows.

On 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,' his journey to recovery from drug addiction was documented, on 'Celebrity Big Brother' he caused a scandal when he harassed another candidate.

He continues to work sporadically as an actor but has been unable to land any major roles. Discover his new look,  in our video.