• Zara McDermott is a famous influencer and British TV personality
  • Sam Thompson is her partner
  • The two are notorious for their humour

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson have quickly launched themselves to the forefront of #Couple'sGoals, sharing their cute and hilarious videos detailing their everyday life in London!

Zara McDermott pokes fun at herself

The Love in the Flesh host posted to her Instagram a hilarious video poking fun at herself saying that she calls her beau all the time for pointless reasons. 

In the video, you see McDermott lipsynching over a child's voice with subtitles adding what she calls Thomspon for!

The caption reads, "Me texting my bf while he's at work to let him know I decided on pink nails instead of French tip, I just had an iced latte, cost of flights to Paris, & someone just told me my hair looks nice."

Also Interesting: 

In March, McDermott celebrated her success on her new BBC series Love in the Flesh at a cute and lavish party in her London home.

Sam Thompson and McDermott have been together for almost 4 years, and the two often share cheeky videos together.

Thompson, who gained popularity starring in the reality series Made in Chelsea, has been very public about McDermott being "the one", and how she has been a huge support during his sister's ongoing health battles

Love in the Flesh airs on BBC every week.