• Zendaya reacts to a popular meme
  • The actress admits she has seen it before
  • She has an unlikely connection to other 'Spider-Man' stars

Zendaya, Hollywood's darling, is no stranger to the spotlight, but her latest role might just be her most surprising serve yet! The actress recently sat down with 'E! News'' sharing her thoughts on the peculiar trend that seems to follow the leading ladies of 'Spider-Man'—taking a shot at tennis-themed films. "I thought that was quite funny," Zendaya chuckled, embracing her fate in the tennis movie 'Challengers.'

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Zendaya: A prophecy fulfilled

It's an ace of a coincidence that has everyone talking! Kirsten Dunst swung from "Mary Jane" in 'Spider-Man' (2002) to a tennis star in 'Wimbledon' (2004), and Emma Stone volleyed from "Gwen Stacy" in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' (2012) to 'Battle of the Sexes' (2017). Now, Zendaya steps onto the court, continuing this unexpected legacy. "Could you imagine? I'm like, 'You know what I have to do next? It's in the prophecy!'" she exclaimed with a smile.

For Zendaya, taking on the role in 'Challengers' wasn't just about following a trend. It was a journey of introspection and challenge, portraying a tennis star whose career takes a dramatic turn after a devastating injury. This role demanded more than just physical preparation; it required diving deep into the emotional turmoil and resilience of an athlete facing their toughest match yet.

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