• Zendaya was on stage at the weekend
  • Fans were surprised and thrilled
  • She thanks her followers on Instagram

Many will still be talking about this performance in the future! Zendaya (26) and singer Labrinth rocked the second Coachella weekend together.

Zendaya thanks fans for support

After nearly seven years out of the performance world, Zendaya returned to the stage with a surprise show. The actress' appearance was a huge surprise for the festival-goers who thought they were there to just see Labrinth.

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The actress now speaks to her followers on Instagram:

"I cannot express my gratitude enough for this magical night. Thanks to my brother Labrinth for inviting me and for giving me the most wonderful safe space to be back on stage."

And the viewers today... wow. My heart is so full I can't thank you enough for the love I got tonight," Zendaya continues.

In addition, Zendaya shares some highlights of her appearance in her Instagram story. She and Labrinth put on a memorable and exciting performance!