• Alessandra Ambrosio reveals a new photoshoot
  • She looks incredible
  • The model shows herself completely nude

In a display of beauty and nature, Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (43) poses for the latest cover of 'Vogue Portugal'. The June issue, affectionately titled "From Portugal With Love", shows Ambrosio in a setting as raw and natural as her beauty in front of the lens of renowned photographer Élio Nogueira.

Alessandra Ambrosio was completely undressed for the shoot

The photos were taken in the Azores, known for its lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Ambrosio, who went without clothing for the shoot, found herself on a small rock sitting in the water. She is completely naked and shows a lot of skin. Her hair falls elegantly over her upper body and covers her breasts.

She looks incredibly slim in the photo and seduces everyone with her seductive look. To preserve her modesty, she adopts a pose in which her legs are crossed and her knees are drawn up to her chest. We can't get over this gorgeous photo.

Ambrosio enthusiastically shared the release of the cover and behind-the-scenes footage with her 12 million Instagram followers. She described the shoot as pure "Magic" and reflected on the uniqueness of this experience, captured against the breathtaking backdrop of Portugal.

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