• Alessandra Ambrosio shares new pictures
  • Ambrosio is wearing a hot bikini
  • She poses sexy on the beach

Alessandra Ambrosio (42) doesn't need a beach background to excite her fans on Instagram. That's why the beautiful sea quickly becomes a minor theme in his new photographs. The model can be seen in a tiny bikini.

Women in Bikinis:

In a bikini: Alessandra Ambrosio makes fans gasp

She adeptly presents the pink-patterned two-piece, alternating between reclining on a rock and enticingly posing towards the camera. Her hot curves are prominently highlighted in this stance, with the scant coverage of the bikini bottoms adding to the allure.

Alessandra doesn't seem to only come to the beach for photo shoots she frequently indulges in soaking up the warmth of the South American sun for a radiant tan. Complementing her sun-kissed appearance are delicate jewelry and refined makeup, enhancing her allure as a runway sensation.

In addition to bikinis, Alessandra also looks great in underwear. No wonder the mother of two is one of the most famous faces of Victoria's Secret and has long walked the catwalk as an angel. However, the Brazilian is also very popular with other brands and it is impossible to imagine the catwalks and magazine covers without her. 

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