• Ariana Grande surprises fans with a new look
  • The singer has changed up her iconic ponytail
  • She has icy blonde hair now

The superstar revealed her amazing new look on her social media account!! In the photo, that she decided to upload to her account, she demonstrated how she can look just as amazing with platinum blonde hair. You can see the singer with her usual ponytail in another color, in the video.

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Ariana Grande goes platinum blonde

Ariana Grande, who showed off her natural look, wrote a text under her photograph: "New earrings." But her earrings are of course not what surprised everyone, as her fans noticed Ariana's new look. They took the time let her know how great she looks with her new hair color.

It's not the first time that the singer ditched her natural hair color to go blonde. In 2020, she wore her hair blonde with darker roots. Most recently though, she had been sporting darker hair for a while. 

We honestly think Ariana Grande looks gorgeous with any hair color! Through the years she has tried many hair trends. She looks just as great with red hair as she does with brown hair, or even with blonde hair!