• Gisele Bündchen looks good in everything
  • In her latest photo, she wears a cropped top
  • Her six-pack is so strong

What a figure! Gisele Bündchen (42) presents her rock-hard six-pack at an event. Her well-trained body is incredible!

Model Gisele Bündchen shows off six pack

Gisele Bündchen posts an Instagram picture showing her bare stomach. Her six-pack definitely draws everyone's attention. The model poses in a tight top for the camera.

To show off even more of her stomach, the model sports a pair of low-rise white jeans with a thin brown belt. Gisele styles her hair down, it's so long it even covers her chest.

Sporty or classy, Gisele Bündchen really looks good in everything. Although her time with brands like Victoria's Secret is long gone, Gisele could put her wings back on at any time with this body.

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