• Kate Beckinsale looks so hot at 50
  • She poses in an orange bikini
  • The actress has a killer body

Kate Beckinsale, the ageless beauty and star of Jolt, recently took to Instagram to share a peek into her fun-filled girls' holiday. Donning a vibrant orange bikini, Kate looked nothing short of spectacular, proving that age is just a number. With her hair styled in a 60s-inspired updo and a makeup look to kill, she added her unique touch with oversized black bows and white heart-shaped sunglasses.

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Fashion meets adventure

Not one to stick to conventional beachwear, Kate spiced up her look with chunky biker boots and an orange shawl, blending biker chic with beach glam seamlessly. Amidst the fun, Kate shared a tender moment, revealing a small tattoo in memory of her late cat, Clive, adding a personal touch to her holiday snaps.

The holiday took an unexpected turn when Kate’s Pomeranian, Myf, went missing, spooked by July 4th fireworks. The actress shared her ordeal, from the frantic search to a minor accident that left her with a bleeding leg. Despite the chaos, Kate kept her spirits high, humorously reprimanding Myf upon their reunion. The saga ended on a happy note, with Kate expressing relief and gratitude, showcasing her resilience and love for her furry friend.

Mystery illness and recovery

Earlier this year, Kate faced health challenges, hinting at hospital visits and a battle with "tummy troubles." Despite the setbacks, she remained stylish and strong, sharing glimpses of her recovery journey with her fans. Through it all, Kate's spirit and sense of style remained unshaken, inspiring fans with her courage and resilience.

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