• Brad Pitt is the new cover star of GQ
  • His photo did not go down well with everyone
  • Many fans are stunned by his appearance

Brad Pitt, 58, has been considered an all-time sex symbol ever since the 1990s. That hasn't changed to this day, even as the actor approaches age 60. He recently posed in a new shoot for GQ magazine. However, not everyone seems to like the result.

THIS is how Brad Pitt looks on the new GQ cover

Brad Pitt's cover photo can already be seen on Instagram. The actor poses lying in the water, surrounded by numerous flowers. With a bright blue shirt and jewelry around his neck, he gazes vacantly into the camera. And Brad Pitt doesn't look like himself at all.

At least that's what fans who comment on the photo think. "He looks like a wax figure but slightly melted," writes a user.

"I hardly recognized him!" and "I don't like this! Very triggering," others say. "Brad Pitt looks like he's died in this," adds another fan. Not glowing reviews, to say the least.

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In addition to the photo, the new issue also contains an interview where Brad Pitt discusses, among other things, his alcohol addiction.

The GQ issue will be available in stores from July 12th. Perhaps the shock of Brad Pitt's appearance will have worn off by then.