• Brooke Shields' daughter wears a dress of her mother's
  • She looks very much like her mom
  • Fans are thrilled

Wow, what a sight! Grier, the 17-year-old daughter of Brooke Shields (58), shows off in a dress that her mother once wore to an event.

Brooke Shields' daughter: she wears her mother's dress

Brooke Shields proudly shows a photo of her daughter Grier on Instagram. The teenager wears a beautiful dress that once belonged to her mother to a premiere. On the left, Brooke posts a picture from 2001, when she herself wore this gorgeous gown.

The second photo shows Brooke Shields' older daughter Rowan. The 20-year-old also wore a dress of her mother's to her graduation. In the picture, fans can see Rowan wearing the legendary red Golden Globe dress of the 'Blue Lagoon' actress.

The Hollywood star receives lots of likes and lovely comments on the post. Among them is also a message from fellow actress Sharon Stone (65). "Extremely COOL," she writes, adding a heart-eye emoji.

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