• Camila Cabello surprises with her look
  • She shows off very seductive images
  • Fans are shocked

Camila Cabello (27) is taking the notion of Cuban women's inherent sex appeal to new heights with her latest outfit. The pop star stuns in a daring fetish-inspired ensemble, prompting some to playfully suggest she should consider changing her name to "Camila Caballo" ("Caballo" meaning "horse" in Spanish) given the boldness of her look.

It doesn't get any hotter than this:

Camila Cabello with a horse tail: sexier than ever!

Camila Cabello sets Instagram ablaze with an intensely seductive photo series. The singer sizzles in a provocative leather ensemble for a captivating shoot. Paired with high-heeled sandals, her black two-piece accentuates her curves perfectly, while a sleek ponytail adds an extra touch of allure.

But it's the faux horse tail attached to her scanty thong pants, cascading down her toned posterior, that truly steals the show.

"I’m so happy I don’t have to keep my blonde tail a secret any longer," quips the singer in her caption, injecting a playful tone into the series.

In the subsequent photos, Camila continues to strike poses in alluring outfits, each exuding undeniable sex appeal. One snapshot captures her crawling across a meadow on all fours, adding another layer of sensuality to the already steamy series. It seems Camila is pulling out all the stops to leave her fans breathless.

"So cheeky": Fan react to Camila Cabello's new pics

Fans are absolutely enamored with Camila Cabello's new photos, showering her with an abundance of flame and heart emojis, along with heaps of praise.

Comments like "Oh my God" and "You are so cheeky" flood the post, showcasing the overwhelming admiration from followers. One user even jokes, "Do you want me to have a heart attack?" Indeed, Camila's photos are undeniably steamy, leaving many surprised by the transformation from the "Don't Go Yet" singer to the sultry star we see now.

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