• Blowback for Heidi Klum and Leni
  • The two model for underwear
  • Some followers think it's weird

Leni Klum (19) and mom Heidi Klum (49) are currently facing criticism. The two have modelled together for the underwear brand Intimissimi. 

Heidi Klum and Leni Klum: Shitstorm

But it is precisely these new exciting photos that some followers find uncomfortable. They find it inappropriate to see mother and daughter together in underwear.

Among other things, a user writes under Leni's photo: "Somehow it's funny to see mother and daughter in their underwear. I mean, how many would let themselves be photographed like that with their mother?" For this, they receive a considerable number of likes.

Another user comments on the pictures sarcastically: "The first thing I think when I pose in my underwear is, 'My mom should be here'." Other Instagram fans write that they simply find it "strange".

Encouragement for Leni and Heidi

In addition to the negative comments, however, there is also a lot of positive feedback for the Intimissimi underwear photos. The fans praise above all that the two simply have perfect genes.

A fan writes in defense on the official site of the brand: "They are models, that's their job! What's wrong with a mother/daughter campaign? You should all be so lucky to have this opportunity with your mother/daughter (not to mention the pay)."

Even Flavio Briatore, Leni's biological father and Heidi's ex comments with a "clapping hands" emoji.

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